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Office 365 vs. Office 2019 for Business

Office 365

Microsoft is an essential part of many business’ operations. Businesses rely on Microsoft Word for their word processing needs, Excel for spreadsheets and PowerPoint for presentations. The cloud has become an integral part of Microsoft’s offerings, and this had led the company to offer two different versions of Microsoft Office: 

  1. Office 365
  2. Office 2019

 Each version can be used for business, but which is ideal?

Office 365: Cloud-based

Office 365 is cloud-based, so you pay for a subscription either monthly or yearly. Cloud-based, Microsoft worries about updates, infrastructure and security. You or your employees simply log into Office on your web browser and can make Word documents, spreadsheets or any other file under the Office suite of products.

What’s nice about Office 365 is that it can be accessed anywhere on any Internet-connected device.

You can work on a document in the office, go home, and then work on the document some more. Automatic saving makes the process streamlined. Office 365 for business comes with the following office applications:

  • Access (only on PC)
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Word

All versions come with OneDrive, but the higher version comes with a few extras:

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Teams

You will receive a desktop version of Office applications with Office 365. The maximum number of users on the business plan is 300, so everyone in the office can have access to Office 365.

Office 2019: Standalone Version

Office 2019 is a standalone product, so it’s a one-time purchase. You won’t have to pay subscription fees, but you won’t have the benefit of online collaboration on the cloud. Licenses are valid for one PC or Mac, and fully-installed versions will include the following:

  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Word

You’ll need to update Office 2019, and all of your files will be stored on your computer or server. A disaster recovery plan should be in place when using the standalone version of Office 2019, or you risk losing your data if your hard drive fails, you get a virus, or data becomes corrupted.

Which Office is Best

ITAC response to CBC report regarding talent shortage in Newfoundland & Labrador

Innovation, productivity, inbound investment and global competitiveness across our economy depend on the quality, breadth and adaptability of Canada’s tech talent. People with the right tech skills create their own opportunities and are a magnet for international investment.

On May 10, the CBC shared a report out of Newfoundland and Labrador, that speaks to a talent shortage in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The article states that tech is growing fast in Newfoundland and Labrador. According to industry group NATI, there are 3,990 people in this province working in tech and the sector generates $1.6 billion in revenue annually…. Despite this province’s high unemployment rate (11.5 per cent in March) …will almost certainly have to recruit outside of [the province].” 

ITAC’s role in addressing this issue

ITAC’s vision is to grow Canada’s highly qualified, diverse tech talent force, well beyond projected demand to maximize growth, innovation and competitive leadership.  A winning plan for Canada is to train and employ a high share of our workforce in advanced tech-based products and services of all kinds, and to digitally supercharge every sector of our economy.  As a marquee objective, ITAC has called on the Government of Canada to provide public leadership in growing the country’s highly qualified professional (HQP) ICT workforce, across all sectors of the economy, from 550,000 in 2018 to 750,000 by 2025. ITAC is actively working to help achieve this workforce development goal.

Inspiring Youth

Today, fewer than half of high school students graduate with senior STEAM courses despite the fact that 70 per cent of Canada’s top jobs require this type of education[i]. ITAC spreads the word about ICT careers through its award winning CareerMash program, focused on high school students.

Strengthening Post-Secondary Education

ITAC also assists in strengthening post-secondary general and professional programs in all fields to include ICT proficiency. The ITAC Business Technology Management (BTM) program was created in 2010 and has increased enrollments in BTM post-secondary programs five-fold since its launch.

In 2017, ITAC started its Career Ready Work Integrated Learning (WIL) …

4 Ways Your Business Can Prepare for the Next Phishing Attack

Phishing is a type of cyberattack in which criminals disguise themselves as reputable businesses or trusted individuals to obtain valuable information, like your network credentials, passwords, or financial information.

As of 2019, phishing is one of the most popular types of cybercrimes in the United States. Despite increased awareness about the dangers of phishing, the variety and success rate of phishing attacks have continued to increase in the States, which now accounts for 86% of all phishing attacks globally.

Phishing attacks aren’t just on the rise; they’re harder to defend against. Phishing causes more than four times the damage that viruses and ransomware cause. All it takes is one fraudulent email to fool one of your employees, and the damage is done. So, what are the best ways to stop a phishing attack? The first step is to understand what makes the threat so dangerous.

phishing blog image may 2019

The Changing Face of Phishing

In the past, fraudsters relied on “spray and pray” approaches to phishing. This method uses emails with minimal personalization and very generic, templated emails. The idea was that one recipient among the thousands of emails would be gullible enough to click on the dangerous link.

Today, the phishing landscape is much more diverse and sophisticated – often customized to target your organization or employees. This has helped keep the efficacy rate of phishing attacks high — despite the proliferation of new and advanced cybersecurity tools — and made mitigating phishing attacks a priority for the majority of cybersecurity decision makers. Here are the new phishing-style attacks you’re likely to see in 2019.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is one of the more targeted forms of phishing techniques in which the attacker has gathered some information about you, usually from social media channels or the world wide web. Using information about a recent purchase, business trips or life event, the hacker will then craft a convincing email that asks you to help them with something related to that event, such as refunds, claims of outstanding balances and so on.…

1 AP per classroom – part 4: the whys and wherefores of the rest of the checklist

If you skipped part 3, The answer is not 42. It’s Channel Planning, well, don’t. Go back and read it, as 80% or more of the answers are there. Nevertheless, there are a couple more things one can do to tune a lot of APs in a small space for the best overall performance.


Lower the power,
especially on R730s

Possibly the most controversial suggestion from a Ruckus Networks point of view, but the R730 is very powerful device. As a company, we have traditionally pushed maximizing what you can get out of a single AP, but our entire exercise here follows from the idea that we have more APs than we need.

In this case, we really want to cover only one classroom,
and we don’t want signal leaking out much past that room and its immediate
surroundings – there are other APs there. In a first after over nine years at
Ruckus, I’m recommending turning the power down on an AP. In this specific scenario,
where an R730 will be in such close proximity to neighboring R730s. The clients
in the same room will be at point blank range with minimal obstructions and no
walls. Here, we are much more concerned with reducing self-interference of the
network as a whole.

For other AP models, rely on a site survey to see whether or
not you have already gotten enough RF separation from the 20 MHz channel
setting before doing this. More on that below.

Raise the BSS minrate
to 12 Mbps or 24 Mbps

By now, this should be a standard recommendation
anyway.  The BSS minrate is the minimum
speed at which a device is allowed to connect to a WLAN. The default is 2 Mbps
on a Ruckus network, and 1 Mbps from most vendors. Those numbers were set
several Wi-Fi generations ago, and are unreasonably slow in WLANs with maximum
speeds well over the 11 Mbps.

Raising this will go a long way toward eliminating ‘sticky client’ problems that some clients suffer from. We don’t …

Deleted Data: How To Recover From Windows

Oh, no! You can’t find a file. You’ve looked in all the folders already and you still can’t find it. Did you delete it?

Even if you didn’t mean to, there are times when you accidentally delete data. Deleting data is not just a matter of right clicking on the word delete. As a matter of fact, human errors only rank second when it comes to deleted data.

In a study by StorageCraft with 41 IT professional, 29% agreed that the main cause of data loss is human errors. Many other studies also found that human errors are the second most common reason for data loss across the globe.


You could end up deleting data even if you didn’t mean to. That’s a fact. Aside from human errors, there are other things to consider.

These errors include accidental deletion, formatting, force shutdown, improper drive or device use, and more. However, data loss may also occur due to following reasons:

  • Hardware Failure
  • Software corruption
  • Malware attacks
  • Power surge and outage
  • Bad sectors/blocks on the drive, Overheating
  • Outdated or corrupt device drivers
  • Theft, System file corruption
  • Natural Disasters.


That could scare a lot of people but truth be told, deleted data is no big deal. This is especially true on Windows. Explosion author, Nick Guli, stresses the same point as well.

Before we begin, I want to highlight the fact that the recovery of deleted data from a Windows PC isn’t a difficult task if you act promptly and appropriately. With that said, there’s no guarantee that all deleted files can be recovered. Some files may get corrupt if you continue to use your Windows PC or the storage media after data loss—whether deliberately or inadvertently—as it overwrites the deleted files.


Although there is no guarantee that all data can be recovered, some, if not, most data can be recovered as long as you act on it right away. You have to be open to the fact that some data could get corrupted. …

It’s the network, stupid

Enterprise IoT Deployments require a bottoms up approach to be successful

James Carville, famed campaign strategist for Bill Clinton
in 1992, facing an incumbent President with a post-Gulf War approval rating of
90{56382b05406e22b986d72489f434f32729ef758e2e5cbf8f56cdc0c3bdfc886a}, a year and a half before the election, coined the phrase, “the economy,
stupid”, to remind all staffers to concentrate on the importance of economic
issues.  It was short, pointed and
effective.  Similarly, when I look at
enterprises trying to deploy IoT networks, too many are focusing on a specific
use case or some payoff from big data, when they must remember, all successful
IoT deployments starts with the network.


Enterprise IoT deployments need a bottoms up approach

First, some definitions:

  • Bottoms up = build wireless network (Wi-Fi +
    IoT).  Stable, scalable, secure – then
    build solutions on top of it
  • Top down = find a solution to focused
    problem.  Create an overlay network to
    connect app to a “thing”. 

Every house needs a solid foundation.  You would not want your electrician pouring
concrete, nor would you want your brick layer to work on your plumbing.  So why do we feel comfortable with sensor,
device or manufacturers of “things” providing the components for an enterprise network?  We shouldn’t. 
Thing vendors make things, and network vendors make networks. In
addition, each device vendor only cares about their own device, which means
their own network. Deploying a network for one device type adds complexity,
adds cost, is highly redundant and has the potential to create security

Benefits of a bottoms up network

Just as James Carville beseeched his staffers to focus on the economy as a primary driver for success, so to do I beseech Enterprise IT and OT managers to think about the network first.  It will serve you well and provide significant benefits. And here are things to consider in making make a stable, scalable, secure, cost-effective IoT access network that can meet the needs of an enterprise IoT ecosystem.

  1. World-class backbone – enterprise-grade wired and wireless infrastructure.
  2. Integrated front end – AP supporting best of

Are Two Computer Monitors Better Than One?

We live and breathe technology these days. Your day is not complete without using your smart device, logging into your various social media platforms, or browsing the web for the latest news or offerings. While the size of products is getting smaller and smaller with each new model released, those who work can better appreciate the value of using two monitors. Having a dual monitor will allow you to do more work than using one computer monitor alone. Imagine being able to see different data and being able to multitask because you can do multiple things all at the same time.

That is the obvious edge of using a dual computer monitor. While it is not something for everybody, those who work with technology understands its value and can better appreciate the benefits it offers. The first benefit from this set-up obviously has to do with convenience. It allows you a convenient data access especially if your work requires you to check on different data simultaneously like for professional in the field of real estate. Even writers can benefit from having two monitors because you no longer need to switch back from your browser to your word processor because you can now do your research on one monitor and continue your writing on the other.

Walk into any fast-paced startup or high-powered tech company in Silicon Valley and you’ll see a lot of things that might not be traditional for a workplace. Unorthodox decorations, strange lighting and open floor plans will be the order of the day. Yet while tech company environments may be one-of-a-kind when it comes to snack bars and ping pong tables, one thing all seem to share are multiple computer displays for their computing needs.

Using more than one monitor, in this way, has a long history. Banks of displays have their role everywhere from business to the realms of science fiction. It’s only relatively recently, however, that home and business computing has reached a point where it’s cheap enough — and computers are powerful enough

Easy Ways To Clean Your Computer

Here’s something interesting. Did you know that there’s such a thing as the National Clean Out Your Computer Day? Yes, there actually is such a day.

Monday, Feb. 11 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. When you clean your computer, it’s not just about dusting off your screen and wiping down the keyboard. It’s important to clean the hard drive, updating software, and getting rid of outdated programs.


That goes to show how important it is to clean out your computer, inside and out. It makes perfect sense. After all, you need to keep your computer in tip top shape so that all your valuable files are protected.

Cleaning your computer’s hardware makes the entire system run more smoothly and keep it running longer. Regular cleaning protects not only your investment, but the important data stored on it as well. Every few days or so, give the screen a good wipe and empty the crumbs out of the keyboard. Those simple tasks will reduce the risk of it breaking and overall help the computer work better.


A good wipe every now and then is not enough. Cleaning out your computer goes way beyond than just wiping the monitor and the keyboard. You also need to make sure that the fan vents are clean.

You should also regularly clean the dust out of fan vents which can help prevent the computer from overheating and potentially breaking causing you to lose all of your valuable information stored on it. Joseph Sharp, co-owner of Lead Tech Service in Wilmington says cleaning the dust out of the vent fans is a fairly simple task.


If you are not sure as to how to go about cleaning the fan vents, don’t worry. You can just have your computer cleaned by a professional. That way, the right tool can used to clean the fan vents.

“To actually clean the hardware, I would take it to any computer repair shop” says Sharp. “We all use something called LLC Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

CRN MSP 500 PR Image Blog Post

New York, NY, March 5, 2019 LLC, the leading IT support and services company in New York City, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named LLC to its 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category. This annual list recognizes North American solution providers with innovative approaches to managed services. These services help customers improve operational efficiencies, maximize return on IT investments, and continuously help them navigate the complexities of IT solutions.


Managed service providers are integral to the success of businesses everywhere. They empower companies to implement and operate complex technologies while staying within their budgets and keeping the focus on their core business. CRN’s MSP 500 list identifies the most groundbreaking managed service organizations with advanced solutions that have endless potential for growth.


This annual list is divided into three categories: the MSP Pioneer 250, recognizing companies with business models weighted toward managed services and largely focused on the SMB market; the MSP Elite 150, recognizing large, data center-focused MSPs with a strong mix of on-premises and off-premises services; and the Managed Security 100, recognizing MSPs focused primarily on off-premises, cloud-based security services. ( has once again proven to be a leader among NYC MSPs. In a market saturated with tech support companies focused on undercutting each other’s prices just to land a new client, they have proven that the true value of an IT partner lies within exceptional quality of service, subject matter expertise, and overall client-partner relationships – not on price alone.


“Capable MSPs enable companies to take their cloud computing to the next level, streamline spending, effectively allocate limited resources and navigate the vast field of available technologies,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “The companies on CRN’s 2019 MSP 500 list stand out for their innovative services, excellence in adapting to customers’ changing needs and demonstrated ability to help businesses get the most out of their IT investments.”


“By …

Ruckus talks 5G and IoT at MWC 2019

The Ruckus Room recently caught up with Ruckus CTO Mehmet Yavuz and Ruckus VP Greg Beach on the sidelines of a very busy MWC 2019 to discuss 5G and the IoT.


Yavuz tells The Ruckus Room, 5G is an
extremely hot topic at the conference in Barcelona. While enhanced mobile
broadband is certainly something to look forward to, says Yavuz, the deployment
of 5G also brings its own set of very real challenges, particularly since 80{56382b05406e22b986d72489f434f32729ef758e2e5cbf8f56cdc0c3bdfc886a}
of mobile data is consumed indoors.

“The traditional cellular deployment model has big macros outside with outdoor
antennas. This is a really good model for wide-area outdoor coverage. However, 5G
uses the spectrum band – at the higher end of the spectrum at 3.5 gigahertz or even
higher,” he explains.

“[This makes it] difficult for the signal to penetrate indoors. So, you really need an indoor solution [such as CBRS private LTE] to help solve these indoor data demands. The indoor solution also needs to be scalable, low-cost and easy to deploy.”

Another important aspect of 5G, says Yavuz, is its expected ability to support mission-critical applications.

“You hear about ultra-reliable low latency or millisecond latency and these are targeted at high-end applications,” he elaborates. “It may be a venue [with a need to support] AR/VR, or it may be a factory [supporting] automation. [These applications] all require edge compute capabilities because you don’t have the luxury of using traditional mobile core networks ”

Yavuz also touched on the IoT, noting that there are a plethora of available technologies on the market today.

“We bring all these [disparate] technologies together under one umbrella with our Ruckus IoT suite,” he says. “For the IT department or the operational department, this means there is only one network to manage. For us, what is really important is simplicity, performance and the complete solution.”

Overall, notes Yavuz, the picture for 2019 and beyond looks quite exciting.

“We have all these great technologies coming together with our partners. We’re bringing all these great applications …