I am Assistant Professor of Christian Theology and Church History at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky.  At Boyce, I have the privilege of teaching the full range of both systematic theology and church history.  I also teach for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (for example, an elective course on Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism in summer 2012).

I’m a contributing writer for The Gospel Coalition, a blog columnist for Credo magazine, a contributor to Project TGM, and a fellow of the Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology.  From 2008-10, I was the full-time Managing Director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Associate Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS.

I earned a PhD in Theological Studies (Historical Theology) under Douglas Sweeney at TEDS from 2008-11, writing on Billy Graham, Harold Ockenga, and the mid-twentieth century re-enchantment of the evangelical mind.  From 2005-07, I was the Editorial Assistant to Southern Seminary President Al Mohler, working for him as I completed an MDiv in Biblical & Theological Studies.  Before that, I worked on the federal political level, serving the Bush White House in the U. S. Department of State.  I have also worked on the state level for the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Labor.

I interned at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC and wrote for 9Marks.  I graduated from Bowdoin College with an AB in History in 2003 and am from the coast of Maine.  A member of Kenwood Baptist Church, I am married to the lovely Bethany and am the father of two sweet little kids.  A hip hop aficionado and player of pickup basketball, I’ve cut a rap cd (no, seriously).

Because words matter, I have published six books and have written for publications like The Atlantic, First Things, Christianity Today, and the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology.

Contact me at owen.strachan[at]gmail.com. Twitter: ostrachan

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  1. I was wondering if you were going to the Gospel Coalition conference and if they are planning on loading us down with books. I need to pack accordingly. Thanks.

  2. owenstrachan


    Looks like you should pack light, Wireman! Glad to hear that you’ll be there–I’m really looking forward to the conference.

  3. Tracy Irvin

    Hi Owen,
    Just a note to say thanks for introducing me to LeCrae, and by way of him, Flame. I am ministering to a group of young men at a boys home here in Illinois, and the music of these two young men have really touched their lives. They speak to the issues these young men face. They are engaging the culture these young men come from in a way I can not.
    Thanks and God bless

  4. owenstrachan

    Tracy–thanks so much for your kind note. I really appreciate it. I really hope it’s a blessing to you and the boys. He’s doing great things for God, and I’m quite happy to point him up to other people.

    Blessings on your important work!

  5. David Scott

    Would it be a fair conclusion to say that SBTS is the oldest seminary in the US that is maintaining doctrinal orthodoxy? The Presbyterian schools that pre-date SBTS have certainly lost their way.

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  7. Tracy Irvin

    Hi Owen,
    I just saw a LifeWay advertisement for “The Essential Edwards Collection”. Congratulations!
    Take care and God bless!


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  9. Brad Walker


    I just wanted to drop you a line. I know that this is probably not the best forum for such a communique, but . . . Not too long ago, I stumbled upon your blog and perused it. However, I was reading some entries over at Challies dot com when you were referenced as the expert. I hope the view from “expertdom” is enthralling. I am pleased that our paths crossed at one point. Hope you are doing well. Congratulations!

  10. Hey Owen,

    Just wanted to let you know that iSix:5 dropped there album UNPACKED on the 6th. I heard you were a fan of there’s and just wanted to let you know!


  11. owenstrachan

    Thanks, Derek. Always glad to support God-honoring rap.

  12. Hi Owen, Fred Hastings sent me a copy of the piece you wrote for the Downeast Coastal on Jonathan Edwards. I am interested in Edwards and will get the book!

    I lecture in Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation at the Belfast campus of Trinity College Dublin (the Irish School of Ecumenics) so we probably have some overlapping interests. I’m a graduate of Narraguagus, 1995!

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  14. just finished two of the The Essential Edwards Collection. Great books! Thanks.

  15. Christy Moore

    Hey Owen,

    Couldn’t find your email address so I am writing you here.

    I just read the article you wrote in the recent 9Marks e-journal. Thank you – it is very helpful. It said that you are an Instructor at Boyce College. Is that so? It’s not on your blog yet under “About.”

    We miss you at CrossWay, btw. Tell Bethany hello!

  16. Stu Taylor

    Congrats on your book and appt. to Boyce. After 46 1/2 years of marriage I affirm that the post on “conversation” is top drawer/right on. Stu

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  18. Mickey Tomar

    Hello Owen,
    What is your email? I am currently job hunting, and I have a negative search result which comes in the form of one of your old postings. Could you please remove my name from the posting? I can have my former professor send you a letter indicating how I was taken advantage of by the reporter who was involved on the story.

  19. Andrew Mullen

    Hi Owen,

    I was perusing CT yesterday and saw you’d done an interview, and I said, I know that kid. (And then before that my wife told me you were quoted in CT in an article on Al Mohler or maybe STBS, or the state of the SBC–I didn’t see the article, obviously.) Wow, you’ve risen in the world since I met you as a freshman at Machias High School. You were one of several students who spoke to my Secondary Education class on what Teachers should know about students today– ie October of 1992. I remember saying something positive about your perspective on things, and my colleague Marilyn Crandlemire told me not to believe everything you said. I’ll keep that in mind as I survey the other stuff here on your site. I expect we may have somewhat different perspectives on SBTS, for instance. This probably isn’t the place to be trying to have a real conversation, but perhaps I can say more in some other setting. You may be the only other person in the world who has lived in both Machias and Louisville and attended SBTS….. Look forward to reading your material. Donna and Andy must be very proud!

  20. owenstrachan


    So nice to hear from you and yes, I do believe we are the only SBTS-Machias folks. It is quite a fraternity, however, full of Downeast pride with a SBC twist. Please do write me and connect at odstrachan[at]sbts.edu. Would love to catch up and hear more about what made Mrs. Crandlemire a skeptic!


  21. T. Webb

    Hello Owen,

    I have a question about your Edwards collection. Is it/they (the 5 volumes) a ‘reader’ of selections from Edwards writings, or are they writings about what Edwards believed with small snippets of his writings? Do they touch on issues like the questions surrounding his understanding of justification, which is heavily debated as to whether it is in accord with Protestant confessions?

    Please post a short reply… you may make a sale as a result. :)

    Thanks, Tim

    • owenstrachan


      Great questions. The five books offer substantial selections from the crucial texts of the Edwards corpus. They also offer commentary and even application to help readers understand and profit from those selections. The books are a kind of “reader’s guide” to Edwards, something of a lay-level distillation of the 25-volume Yale series. We designed them to work for a variety of people, whether those who have not read a word of JE or those who have done seminary work on him but want a guide to his thought that will offer quick help and also an avalanche of great JE quotations on a range of subjects.

      There are many important questions that Doug and I handle. We do not have a major section on justification, but we touch on it in several places. We come down on the side of Edwards hewing more towards a traditional Protestant conception of the same.

      So we quote extensively from JE while interacting with him, explaining him, and mining him for spiritual growth for a wide range of readers. I stand behind the volumes and think they will help a reader in your position. The possibility of bias, however, exists.


      • T. Webb

        Owen, thanks for taking the time to reply. I will add this collection to my list of books to purchase! I appreciate it, Tim

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  24. Hi there Owen! Must say I’ve kind of stumbled along into your about page, but have enjoyed and appreciated your writing contributions throughout various forums over the past couple years. I noticed your recent article on GA-NE (mutual friends with Josh Cousineau) and as I was clicking through, found that you’re a ‘natural Mainer’ much to my delight and surprise. Then to my even greater surprise, found you are a ‘Downeastah’ no less! Though not native to the coast (I am a ‘County Boy’) I currently serve the Advent Christian Church in Beals. I’m delighted to introduce myself to you and look forward to perhaps sitting down over a slice of blueberry pie and coffee with you at Helen’s if you are ever back home!

  25. owenstrachan

    Josh, so nice to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am not just a Mainer, but a Downeast Mainer at that. I love that you’re in Beals. That is very encouraging. I’d love to chat and hope we can do it.

    • Josh Blackstone

      Awesome! I look forward to it! Got to laughing this morning cause you’re showing up all over the place in my ‘evangelical media circles’ (saw your response to Ted Kluck on Jeremy Lin–agreed with your Lin assessment as well).

  26. Craig Strachan

    “Stracken” or “Strawn”?

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  28. jmueller0823

    Owen, have you contributed to patheos? If so, please contact me (Jim Mueller) at jmueller@growthtrac.com … thanks much.

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