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4 Ways Your Business Can Prepare for the Next Phishing Attack

Phishing is a type of cyberattack in which criminals disguise themselves as reputable businesses or trusted individuals to obtain valuable information, like your network credentials, passwords, or financial information.

As of 2019, phishing is one of the most popular types of cybercrimes in the United States. Despite increased awareness about the dangers of phishing, the variety and success rate of phishing attacks have continued to increase in the States, which now accounts for 86% of all phishing attacks globally.

Phishing attacks aren’t just on the rise; they’re harder to defend against. Phishing causes more than four times the damage that viruses and ransomware cause. All it takes is one fraudulent email to fool one of your employees, and the damage is done. So, what are the best ways to stop a phishing attack? The first step is to understand what makes the threat so dangerous.

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The Changing Face of Phishing

In the past, fraudsters relied on “spray and pray” approaches to phishing. This method uses emails with minimal personalization and very generic, templated emails. The idea was that one recipient among the thousands of emails would be gullible enough to click on the dangerous link.

Today, the phishing landscape is much more diverse and sophisticated – often customized to target your organization or employees. This has helped keep the efficacy rate of phishing attacks high — despite the proliferation of new and advanced cybersecurity tools — and made mitigating phishing attacks a priority for the majority of cybersecurity decision makers. Here are the new phishing-style attacks you’re likely to see in 2019.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is one of the more targeted forms of phishing techniques in which the attacker has gathered some information about you, usually from social media channels or the world wide web. Using information about a recent purchase, business trips or life event, the hacker will then craft a convincing email that asks you to help them with something related to that event, such as refunds, claims of outstanding balances and so on.…

ManhattanTechSupport.com LLC Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

CRN MSP 500 PR Image Blog Post

New York, NY, March 5, 2019 ManhattanTechSupport.com LLC, the leading IT support and services company in New York City, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named ManhattanTechSupport.com LLC to its 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category. This annual list recognizes North American solution providers with innovative approaches to managed services. These services help customers improve operational efficiencies, maximize return on IT investments, and continuously help them navigate the complexities of IT solutions.


Managed service providers are integral to the success of businesses everywhere. They empower companies to implement and operate complex technologies while staying within their budgets and keeping the focus on their core business. CRN’s MSP 500 list identifies the most groundbreaking managed service organizations with advanced solutions that have endless potential for growth.


This annual list is divided into three categories: the MSP Pioneer 250, recognizing companies with business models weighted toward managed services and largely focused on the SMB market; the MSP Elite 150, recognizing large, data center-focused MSPs with a strong mix of on-premises and off-premises services; and the Managed Security 100, recognizing MSPs focused primarily on off-premises, cloud-based security services.


ManhattanTechSupport.com (www.manhattantechsupport.com) has once again proven to be a leader among NYC MSPs. In a market saturated with tech support companies focused on undercutting each other’s prices just to land a new client, they have proven that the true value of an IT partner lies within exceptional quality of service, subject matter expertise, and overall client-partner relationships – not on price alone.


“Capable MSPs enable companies to take their cloud computing to the next level, streamline spending, effectively allocate limited resources and navigate the vast field of available technologies,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “The companies on CRN’s 2019 MSP 500 list stand out for their innovative services, excellence in adapting to customers’ changing needs and demonstrated ability to help businesses get the most out of their IT investments.”


“By …

Manhattan Tech Support Launches its Brand New Website


Welcome to our new home on the web! The Manhattan Tech Support team has put a lot of time and thought into improving our online presence, and we are thrilled to go live with our new website. We sincerely hope it reflects our passion for helping NYC businesses flourish through technology.

Why the new website? There are a few reasons.

First, it’s more organized, and it better reflects our value today as a full-service technology partner. Our reach goes well beyond that of just the typical MSP. We have experts on staff that can help you leverage technology to streamline processes, achieve regulatory compliance, make better decisions through business intelligence reporting and analytics, and much more.

Second, it’s more useful to our partners and friends in the NYC business community. Our site will constantly be evolving with new, useful technology-related information – written by our team of experts – including blog articles, white papers, and other technology news to keep our subscribers knowledgeable of the latest happenings in this space. The new website provides this content in a much more attractive, interactive resource that people will look forward to visiting regularly.

Last, we wanted a website that better reflects our experience providing world-class IT services to businesses in New York City. In a market saturated with companies in just about every professional services field, there are those whose attention to detail and understanding of the ever-changing landscape helps them to shine brighter than the others. We feel this new website certainly hits the mark.

Our website may have changed, but our dedication to excellence in technology services remains the same. Businesses that have relied on our technical skills can expect the same outstanding, flat-rate technology service they’ve always been receiving.

That’s because…

We’re Passionate About Being a Truly World-Class IT Partner

Manhattan Tech Support has developed a reputation for outstanding managed IT services and help desk support. Today, we’re considered one of the elite technology partners in NYC – having been featured consistently in CRN’s MSP 500 list in

The Time to Stop Relying on Spreadsheets Has Arrived


Microsoft Excel is used for a wide variety of tasks, from visualizing business data, to tracking work expenses and managing books. But in the age of cloud-empowered productivity and pervasive mobile devices, is the humble spreadsheet keeping pace? While many accountants still seem to enjoy using them, there’s a huge number of tasks that spreadsheets are ill-suited for, like business reporting and project management. Let’s take a closer look at how spreadsheets may be hurting your business, and why custom software that’s powered by a robust database is usually the better solution.

Spreadsheets are Highly Error-Prone

Have you heard of “dueling spreadsheets”? It’s a term that describes when two different versions of the same spreadsheet contain conflicting data. This is an unfortunately common scenario that can arise in a few different ways.

The most common is when spreadsheets aren’t being stored in a centralized location. If one employee downloads a spreadsheet that contains today’s data, but the next day another employee downloads a copy with tomorrow’s data, then a conflict between these two datasets is likely. The problem of dueling spreadsheets is also common when people add or delete information to a single spreadsheet then share it with others via email or cloud file-sharing systems. Which version is which? It’s hard to know.

Because spreadsheets were not built with the security or integrity of data in mind, and offer no reliable way to audit changes, the problem of errors is extremely common. According to MarketWatch, as many as 88{56382b05406e22b986d72489f434f32729ef758e2e5cbf8f56cdc0c3bdfc886a} of spreadsheets contain an error, a problem that’s grown so severe; it’s even led to the formation of an organization specifically to address the issue of spreadsheet mistakes.

Spreadsheets Waste Time

According to a report by research and advisory firm Ventata, 44{56382b05406e22b986d72489f434f32729ef758e2e5cbf8f56cdc0c3bdfc886a} of businesses struggle with managing their spreadsheets. Their research found that the average employee spends 12 hours a month looking for and correcting errors in spreadsheets. You can read more about that in their blog post here.

In some situations, that 12 hours a month might even …

How SMBs Can Achieve Dependable PCI Compliance

What is PCI Compliance?


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a compliance standard that’s designed to protect credit card information. With the proliferation of online payments and eCommerce, ensuring strong PCI-DSS compliance has become a significant source of concern for small and midsized businesses in New York.

The primary reason the standard causes so much anxiety is that it’s long and complex, totaling about 130 pages. The requirements document opens with 12 high-level objectives, which seem easy enough to understand. However, those objectives are composed of over 300 separate controls for the monitoring and reporting of IT systems, all highly technical in nature, making them almost impossible for a layperson to understand. Want to give it a try? You can browse the complete document here at the official site.

So, what’s the best way to achieve full PCI-DSS?

Which Level of Compliance Do You Need?

The PCI Compliance standard is broken down into four levels, depending on how many credit card transactions a business processes per year and the size of those transactions.

  • Level 1 – Businesses that do $6 million or more in transactions, accept global transactions, or a business that’s experienced a serious data breach in the past.
  • Level 2 – $1 to $6 million in transactions
  • Level 3 – $20,000 to $1 million in e-commerce transactions
  • Level 4 – Less than $20,000 in e-commerce transactions and up to $1 million in transactions for other businesses

Naturally, Level 1 certification is the most rigorous, requiring a yearly compliance check with a security professional who possesses PCI DSS training, known as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Most SMBs fall into Level 3 and Level 4. Businesses in those categories can perform their own internal PCI-DSS audits and self-report their compliance.

Some businesses think self-assessment leaves wiggle room for “good enough” compliance. That’s far from the case. Any business that’s caught out of compliance faces thousands of dollars in fines per day and might lose the right to process credit card transactions entirely.

The Consequences