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Baseball Uniforms Should Be Crisp

mannyThis is a cross-post from the blog of Vitamin Z, where I am guest-blogging this week.

I don’t know about you, but I find baggy baseball uniforms weird.  So does Wesley Morris, writing “The Sportstorialist” at Not my favorite baseball oriented site (that would be the Ultimate), but he can tell a good tale.  Morris writes with a crisp, tongue-in-cheek style of recent sartorial changes to baseball uniforms:

There’s no functional reason for a baseball jersey to evoke the National Hockey League, but there were the Brewers, baggy in uncharacteristic Dijon mustard, calling to mind the Boston Bruins. After most plays, assorted batters and outfielders could be seen tucking in their shirts. (Surely, someone at home was delighted to see adjustments occur at the belt rather than below it.) Eventually, the pads on Rickie Weeks’ elbows began to eat his sleeves. By the time Casey McGehee crossed the plate on a sixth-inning Corey Hart double, the improbable had occurred. His shirt had managed to billow from his pants without coming untucked. Apparently the shirttail found McGehee’s inadvertent dishevelment as embarrassing as some of us did. 
You won’t necessarily agree with the entirety of the column, but I appreciated the point, if only because I admit that I have always found the baggy baseball uniform distasteful.  I like baggy shorts in basketball (tv fans are downright grateful for them), but the same look does not work in baseball, in my opinion.
What do others think?  There’s just something about that old-fashioned crispness that makes sense.

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