Where To Buy Silver

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There are plenty of places you can buy this precious metal.

I already listed a bunch of nationally recognized vendors that are trustworthy (mostly) here.

Alternatively, you could try local shops and pawn brokers. I personally do not recommend this because if you get ripped off, you will not likely have much recourse except to sue, which is going to put you in the hole further. Also, local vendors aren’t really regulated nearly as well as national vendors, so it would be easier for them to sell you partial silver or even fake silver.

I’m not saying every locality will be like this, but it’s definitely an increased risk.

If you’re still insistent on buying locally, make sure you spin the silver against a hard surface (maybe the floor) and listen for the unique pinging sound that only pure silver can make. The stronger sound it makes, the more silver that’s in it.

You can do a search with your favorite search engine to come up with a plethora of city and town silver dealers in your neighborhood and choosing which one seems most comfortable to you. Expect to be charged more money over spot per ounce of silver when you buy and expect much less than spot price when you sell to these dealers, as they need to make money off you.

You can keep up with current silver prices here.

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