Silver Rounds For Sale

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Even though silver rounds are made usually to 99.9% purity, many are not silver-ira approved. Silver rounds are typically different from formal coins because of the unique design logos on its face and its significantly lower premiums per ounce.

The following lists contains a large amount of rounds that can be purchased for investment. Since they are generally not considered legal tender or substitute money, their premiums over spot prices are typically very low. The coins in bold are silver ira acceptable by the IRS. All coins are 99.9% pure silver unless noted.

  1. 1 oz apmex silver round – default design logo
  2. 1 oz apmex Stars And Stripes design
  3. 1 oz apmex silver buffalo rounds
  4. second hand 1 oz rounds from various manufacturers (quality condition will vary)
  5. 1 oz Sunshine silver rounds
  6. 1 oz year of the horse (apmex)
  7. 1 oz year of the snake
  8. 1 oz year of the dragon
  9. 1 oz apmex walking liberty rounds
  10. 1 oz apmex liberty eagle
  11. 1 oz 1804 silver dollar design (coins made today though)
  12. 1 oz Ganesha design round
  13. 1 oz Geiger security line silver round
  14. 1 oz Engelhard prospector silver protector rounds
  15. 1 oz Louisiana State University silver rounds

Basically, most silver rounds are for gifting or aesthetic investors and collectors. If you need them for investment purposes, especially for your individual retirement account or 401k, you will need to check that particular round for IRA-approved status. Most often times, they are not acceptable by the IRS simply because the variance in designs is not standard, even if the round itself is pure silver. As time goes on, there will be more rounds added to the pre-approved list.

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