Silver Dollars For Sale

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While it may be tempting to buy silver dollars as both an investment and a hedge against inflation, just remember that only a few silver dollars are actually allowed in a silver ira plan. The retirement account can only contain 99% pure:

  • American silver eagles
  • Canadian silver maple leaves
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonics
  • Other government minted only coins

The primary reason is because the government wants to ensure that your account plan does in fact contain near 100% pure metals (whether it’s gold, silver, platinum, or palladium).

That isn’t to say regular or junk silver dollars are not worth investing into. It just means you have to buy them with after-tax dollars.

Here’s a short list that you can buy:

  • Bulk silver dollars minted from 1878 to 1935. These coins can vary in silver content.
  • Junk silver coins (nickels, dimes, and quarters)
  • Really old silver dollars from 1794 to 1804. These tend to be in worst condition (due to so much time passed) and much more expensive because of their collector’s rarity.
  • Liberty seated silver dollars, which were minted from 1840 to 1873.
  • Trade dollars which were minted from 1873 to 1885. These were designed to be traded in Asia at the time, especially in Japan.
  • Morgan Dollars were made 1878 to 1904. Most of these are now in poor condition.
  • Peace dollars that were minted from 1921 to 1935. While used as currency, it was primarily used as a symbol of prosperity and peace after the end of world war 1.
  • American silver eagles (currently in production)
  • Canadian silver maple leaf coins
  • Eisenhower dollars

Silver is usually one of my favorite precious metals to both collect and invest in. I like their glint and combined with their extremely low cost but high profit potential, it is easy to see why some investors would choose to buy much more silver than its more expensive cousin, gold.

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