Silver Dealers

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While there are many local and national silver dealers in this country and in the world, only a few specialize in creating silver iras for you.

When purchasing bars, coins, or bullion, always make sure to ask for the fee and shipping/handling expenses per ounce before you buy. Some companies will try to rip you off and overcharge you.

The companies in bold are known to have financial departments dedicated to silver retirement backed ira accounts. Ones in red have questionable business practices that are often complained about by other or former customers. Always verify each company with Trustlink and the Better Business Bureau.

The list of silver ira dealers are:

  1. Regal Assets
  2. Apmex
  3. Monex
  4. Kitco
  5. American Bullion
  6. Goldline
  7. Lear capital
  8. Tulving
  9. Ebay (auctions)
  10. Morgan gold
  11. NWT Mint
  12. Govmint
  13. Merit gold
  14. Broad financial
  15. Fidelity (IRA ETF’s only)
  16. TD Ameritrade (IRA ETFs only)
  17. Blanchard online
  18. USA gold
  19. Allied Bank (IRA ETF’s only)
  20. T.R. Price (IRA ETF’s only)

Goldline deserves special mention because a lot of customers complain about getting overcharged by them. There are several new complaints against them every week, most often times it involves price-mismatching (quoting one price then switching it later after payment has already been remitted by the customer). There’s also questions and issues about its primary promoter, Glenn Beck, whom many trust for correct advice. As a precaution, you should definitely check Goldline’s BBB and Trustlink ratings for both current ratings and current outstanding complaints. Remember, it’s your money.

Here are some rules you should be aware of when dealing with ANY silver dealer.

First, you must make sure there is a clear price tag per ounce for metals. Make sure checkout actually reflects the full price that is settled upon payment. Some unscrupulous dealers will quote you one price, make you pay, then a few days later change their prices on you and refuse to send the amount of metals promised until you pay the “difference”. This is usually caused by severe 1-day price swings in precious metals but it isn’t a justifiable excuse to rip you off.

Second, make sure you’re able to have your metals shipped to a safe and secure location. While most companies are smart enough to ship it in plain looking boxes (which won’t attract attention), some thieves are good at spotting and scoping out areas for high-value packages and will try to rob you when you’re asleep or not home.

Finally, be patient, as prices change all the time so depending on how long you want to wait, you can lock in a good price for silver and gold when it’s in the lows in the market. When national US 30 year mortgage rates hit 5 or 6%, that is a time to start buying metals.

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