The Week-est Link, October 24, 2008

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The Week-est Link, October 24, 2008

1. The new 9Marks issue is online.  Go to the website and read it and you’re guaranteed to learn a lot about church-based counseling.  You can also access the PDF if you like.  I wrote a review published in this issue about a book called The Incredible Shrinking Church.

2. Charles Krauthammer (the man whose name perfectly fits his work) has just published a powerful pro-McCain column that, if not persuasive to all, has some strong points that need to be considered.  Here’s a potent snatch:

“The case for McCain is straightforward. The financial crisis has made us forget, or just blindly deny, how dangerous the world out there is. We have a generations-long struggle with Islamic jihadism. An apocalyptic soon-to-be-nuclear Iran. A nuclear-armed Pakistan in danger of fragmentation. A rising Russia pushing the limits of revanchism. Plus the sure-to-come Falklands-like surprise popping out of nowhere.

Who do you want answering that phone at 3 a.m.? A man who’s been cramming on these issues for the past year, who’s never had to make an executive decision affecting so much as a city, let alone the world? A foreign policy novice instinctively inclined to the flabbiest, most vaporous multilateralism (e.g., theBerlin Wall came down because of “a world that stands as one“), and who refers to the most deliberate act of war since Pearl Harbor as “the tragedy of 9/11,” a term more appropriate for a bus accident?”

3. The Ambassador, godfather of Christian rap, has a new cd out entitled “The Chop-Chop.” I’ve heard it, and can recommend it to Christian rap fans out there.  Not my favorite Ambassador stuff, but still quite solid.

4.  Can you tell the storyline of the Bible?  Vitamin Z provides a book listthat can help you work toward that end.  Helpful post.

5. Funny bit on The Onion websitefake-previewing the Charlie Rose show: “During an interview with Michael Bloomberg, the ubiquitous black background comes tumbling down to reveal that Charlie has been taping the show in his mother’s basement for the past 17 years.”

–Have a great weekend, all.

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