Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

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Sample Johnson Matthey Bar

Johnson Matthey is a leading chemical company with a specialist refining and assaying production that was established in 1817. The assaying department of the company has specialized in the smelting of gold and silver bullion for over 150 years and thus the gold bullion bars that carry their name are highly respected and valued. A large percentage of the bars are distributed in the UK with commercial investors holding stocks, however Johnson Matthey gold bullion is also distributed in many others countries and specifically marked.

So why buy Johnson Matthey gold bars?

Because in general Johnson Matthey gold bars carry a low premium over spot prices. You see, gold is traded on the commodity market and thus has a readily traceable spot price. The bars are also of such a size that they can be easily stored in a home safe thus allowing one to view one’s assets. This also adds to their liquidity in that one can physically transport them to a bullion dealer and redeem them for cash.

The bars come in all type of sizes and weights and are available in both cast and minted varieties.

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