Investing In Gold Coins

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Coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies in America, and is now becoming one of the most profitable investments. The US has been minting gold coin for over 200 years as well as other countries for centuries. Collecting gold coins can be a great investment for more than just the intrinsic value of the gold, the numismatic value can greatly outweigh the gold value.

Where To Find Collectible Gold Coins

With gold coin collecting becoming ever popular, it’s not hard to find a local coin shop or two. Coin shops can be a good place to find rare and hard to find coins, unfortunately their prices can sometimes be a bit high. Another good place to find rare coins are local flea markets and trade shows, sometimes smaller collectors will setup shop and sell their coins for a much more reasonable price.

Online coin sellers and consigners have become very popular in the last several years. With competitive prices and the ability to choose between hundreds of thousands of coins this can be the best option. It’s easy to search for the exact coin you are wanting, and be able to get a great price is just icing on the cake. Just make sure that if you are buying gold coins online, that you are buying authentic graded coins.

What To Look For In Gold Coins

When buying gold coins, either US or foreign, you need to make sure you are buying authentic coins. Gold coins have been counterfeited since the first days of minting, and knowing what you’re looking at can save you from making a costly purchase. Make sure you know who you are buying from, and that they are a reputable seller.

All coins including gold and silver, are graded on a scale according to their condition. The higher their grade, the more collectability they will have and better the investment they will make. Knowing the grade of the coin will make it much easier to judge the value of that coin. There are several well known grading companies, these companies also guaranty the coins authenticity.

Rarity can also greatly increase the value of gold coins. Lower mintage numbers make a coin harder to find and can greatly increase the collectability of the coin. Also, many coins have been melted during periods when the intrinsic value exceeded the currency value. Be sure to do your researched before you buy a collectable gold coin.

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