Gold 401k

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So you have a 401k plan but are interested in putting gold in it.

Well the good news is retirement plans can now be backed by gold. The bad news is if you have a 401k, your options are extremely limited.

You have to roll it over into a new 401k or IRA, and only if you are changing jobs. You might be lucky and your current employer can match or switch your investment direction into gold and silver etf’s (like GLD or SLV) and match the contributions to it, but most often times, that won’t occur. Gold 401k’s cannot directly purchase metals unfortunately.

Luckily there are some loopholes, and it mostly involves setting up a gold IRA plan instead to get around it. The reason your options are limited is because the regulations governing 401k retirement plans in general are inherently restrictive.

You can thank both the financial services industry and the government for your lack of financial freedom. You can call the number on the right during regular business hours to see what your options (or loopholes if you wish) that can be utilized.

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