Buy Gold Bars Online

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You can definitely score some really amazing deals if you know how to shop for gold bars online. The most vital thing is to do some research on the going prices and try to spot the best values through auctions and dealers.

Here’s a few points to keep in mind while looking to buy gold bars online:

buy gold barsFirst, it’s important that you know your dealer. Knowing who you are doing business is important because your buying something online of considerable value that will need to be properly packaged and shipped with the appropriate insurances. Find out all you can about them. How long have they been in business? Are they contactable? Do they have a phone number, ect?

It’s also important to find out if your dealer has a proper returns policy. Will they accept a return if the product you receive is not as described? If they ship the wrong item will you be able to return it for a full refund?

Next, do a in depth search on the prices available for the same type of bars in each category. Most dealer will have about the same prices on identical products, so what’s really important to look into carefully are the shipping and handling prices (which vary quite a bit) . Make sure insurance is included in these charges.

When searching auctions it is strongly advised to do your due diligence as far as checking the selling and feedback history of the seller. Once again, it’s important to factor the shipping and insurance rates into the final price of your purchase. Search the sellers feedback for instances of returns or items that were sent back because of damage or improper item shipping.

The next item that is extremely important in order to receive bars that are authentic is to find if they come with an assay certificate. This certificate doesn’t necessarily make the gold more valuable, but it helps your gold to be easier to liquidate if necessary and guarantees it’s authenticity. Unfortunately there are fraudsters out there selling fake bullion….

Of course the same principles apply to buying gold bars as with any other gold investments and it’s adviseable to enter the market and purchase gold when the prices seem reasonable. Watch the trends closely and be prepared with your dealer or auction seller for when the time is right to buy.

Always keep in mind that for the smaller bars you can expect a substantial mark up and as the bars get larger the mark up will decrease proportionately. So if you are in a position to buy a ten ounce bar it is far better than buying ten one ounce bars.

Buying gold bars is exciting and a great way to purchase bullion and if you follow the above points, you will keep yourself safe and make the right investments. So do your research and buy gold today!

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