Gold ira

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This collection of articles explains why and how you should invest in gold.

What is important for you to know is why gold, silver, and precious metals will do well going into the future versus following advice from “experts” blindly. I explain the actual fundamentals to look for and why there is no real way to stop what is coming.

Since enough people in any country believes the government should fit the bill for certain things or provide services that normal individuals would do, this serves as the foundation for why government has to borrow and spend so much money, which inevitably will lead to bankruptcy once debt payments exceed actual revenue, which in a government’s case is taxes.

And we all know you can’t tax beyond a certain point because if you do, then there will be less incentive for people to work, which decreases the tax base to extract (or steal) money from. This is what happens in a typical communist country, like Cuba. Even Fidel Castro came out eventually and said it Communism doesn’t work.

Neither does our economic system, built on fiat currencies and borrowed cash. As you’ll see in the articles presented here, true economic growth stems from creating real, sustainable value, and from population growth, not making things up into a bubble like how most real-world investments work.

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