Free Bitcoin, Dogecoin, And Cloud Mining Solutions

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The advent of bitcoin and crypto currencies has given rise to another way to make money and secure your wealth. While I like gold and silver, I equally love bitcoin.

Here’s a list of how to get free bitcoin:

  1. Free Bitcoin every hour. No catch. If it is illegal to gamble, don’t do it. I personally do not gamble because I don’t know anyone who ever made more money doing it. You have a chance every hour to win $200 worth of bitcoin with no catch.
  2. Free Dogecoin every hour. Same as above, except now you have 2 very good money faucets. These are the least effort, highest paying bitcoin faucets and dogecoin faucets. Enjoy. You have a chance every hour to win $200 worth of dogecoin every hour with no catch, either.
  3. Free Bitcoin/Dogecoins/Litecoins/IFC and other alt coins. This has no catch. Just sign up with a valid email, and start getting free money. It isn’t much, but over time you can gain quite a bit of bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and much more.

Here’s an up to date list of the best cloud mining solutions:

  1. PBmining. They charge the least for hash power and don’t scam you by extracting electricity costs like CEX does. They are currently the cheapest and most reputable way that I know of to cloud mine bitcoin.
  2. is good for cloud mining scrypt crypto coins like Dogecoin or Litecoin. Watch out for price spikes downwards though.

It’s best to take your free bitcoins and then dump it into any of the cloud mining solutions above. This is a slow but legitimate way to build wealth.

Best of all, it’s fast and easy and is doable by anyone. Just don’t expect to get rich quick.

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