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The Link 7.3.09: Keller on Raising Kids in Cities

Got alot for you today.

keller1. Here’s a helpful talk Tim Keller did on raising kids in the city.  I enjoyed his talk, which lists three cons and eight pros.  I also liked the Q&A–some great stuff came up.  It starts after roughly thirty minutes.

2. Speaking of Keller, he did a debate with Ligon Duncan on women deacons.  Derek Thomas says a word about it on Ref21.  Check that out.

3. Have you heard Leann Rimes sing Patsy Cline’s version of “Amazing Grace”?  No?  You’re missing out.

4. If you want to think more deeply about a wide range of topics, check out the webshow Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson of Stanford’s Hoover Institution.  A conservative Charlie Rose.

5. Why you should read Tom Wolfe by National Review‘s John Derbyshire.  Wolfe is perhaps my favorite author.  He writes heavy, controversial stuff, but has a keen eye for human nature, sociology, and other engrossing things.  Pioneer of what’s called “New Journalism”.

6. Ted Kluck is writing what looks like a fun (if controversially titled) book on Christian music.  I’ve offered my services as “Christian Rap Consultant”.  Speaking of which, have you heard Trip Lee’s powerful “To Live Is Christ”?

Have a terrific weekend, all.

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The Thoughtful Pastorate: Resources to Strengthen Ministry and Christian Life, Pt. 1

Once in a while, someone asks me what I would recommend for pastors who want to stay up on cultural happenings and thought trends. I in no way claim to have some kind of mystic insight into what pastors should read for cultural knowledge, but I do have a few quick thoughts that could possibly be of help to the pastor (and the layperson) who wants to stay up on a Christian perspective of what’s happening in American life and thought. I have structured this list with the busy pastor in mind, the kind who only has a few minutes to keep current but who nonetheless is (admirably) committed to doing so.

Without further ado, here are a few resources I would personally commend (in no particular order):

1. Collin Hansen’s online bi-weekly Christianity Today column. “Theology in the News” is a very perceptive, contemporarily engaged column.
2. Justin Taylor’s blog, Between Two Worlds. This is the bulletin board for reformed evangelicalism (and maybe just evangelicalism).
3. Tim Challies’s blog, which offers lots of helpful book reviews and links. The reviews are often very current, which is nice for those who want to know what’s big in the Christian publishing world.
4. Al Mohler’s blog, which is the premier analytical evangelical thought resource. With book reviews, radio shows, links to important sources, and much more. One-stop shop for thoughtful Christianity, and the best place to begin worldview thinking on the Web.
5. The Reformation 21 blog. It’s got a Presbyterian slant and boasts some of the most pungent evangelical writers out there, including Carl Trueman of Westminster Seminary.

This is just a start. I’ll have more in the next few days, with the hope that I can help pastors and laypeople to think well about life, faith, and the world in the brief amounts of time that come to us all.

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The Week-est Link, August 1, 2008

1. Have you heard about the Henry Center’s CCI essay series for college students? If not, you should check it out, and pass on a few essays to some thoughtful students that you know.

2. As one who loves studying urban churches, and who loves to see urban churches with a vision for the city, I found Desiring God’s plans for their new facilities interesting.

3. Readers of this blog know that I’m trying to think through how it is that all of Scripture testifies to Christ. I found this Reformation 21 article on how Proverbs speaks to Christ helpful.

4. Speaking of innovative urban churches, I’ve enjoyed checking out the website of Park Community Church. They’ve got vision, and they’re making things happen in downtown Chicago.

5. You should check out this music video from Christian musician Brooke Fraser’s video “Shadowfeet”. She’s got a cool style. Couldn’t hurt to pick up her cd.

6. Do you want really cute headgear for your little girl? Yes? Check out Brilliant Bows. My friend Stephanie Rogers (wife of fellow TEDS church history student Mark Rogers) has a great home business going. I encourage you to support it.

–Have a great weekend, everyone.

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