Bitcoin Doomsayer Mark T. Williams Sticking To His Guns About Bitcoin Going Down

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Mark isn’t a fan of bitcoin obviously. He still thinks the crypto is doomed.

I don’t think I need to remind you, but it’s very hard to predict any price movements unless it’s very long term and you’ve got solid demographic data to support it.

And some times that isn’t enough.

Most in the bitcoin community obviously hate Mark, but that doesn’t prevent news outlets from giving this guy a mouthpiece. According to crypto coin news, one such doomsayer article by him generated 140,000 page views within a short time.

That’s good money and traffic for the news station!

Every market has doomsayers. They said gold and silver was going to go down but obviously it’s still kicking.

There are many ways to make and lose money. Don’t be narrow minded and keep all your options open.

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