Who Should You Vote For? How About…Babies?

Over at Patheos, I just blogged on who I’m voting for this presidential election season.  This topic afforded me the chance to talk more broadly about how abortion is not simply a position, one among many that we could choose.  It is instead a holistic theology.  It is, specifically, a theology of death.

Read the whole thing over at ThoughtLife.

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3 responses to “Who Should You Vote For? How About…Babies?

  1. tommy9999

    What is scary about your position Owen, is you have it all figured out. You are wise beyond your years of life.

    The Republicans bank on folks like you to get elected and then forget you.

  2. Andrew Mullen

    Thanks, Owen. I’m so glad to know there are people in your generation who have thought carefully about abortion and who can speak articulately about why it matters. I’m discouraged right now in my own little pro-life efforts. Thanks for making the effort to speak out!.

    • owenstrachan

      Andrew, thank you for these kind words. Please keep going! There are many who are alongside you, though we may be dispersed geographically.

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