Things You Should Agree With: Rondo Is the NBA’s Best Point Guard

My favorite NBA point guard, Rajon Rondo, just got a glossy spread in Boston Common magazine.  I am fond of Boston Common for many reasons, not least because it is the location of Park Street Church in Boston, the church my dissertation subject, Harold John Ockenga, led for 33 years.

But Ockenga is gone now, and Boston has a new stylish leader: Rondo.  He’s the NBA’s best point guard.  He can dominate the game without scoring.  I think he’s poised to have a big year.  Here’s a bit about Rondo:

Rondo’s résumé includes plenty of impressive statistics, but a point guard in the NBA is never defined purely by numbers. At Rondo’s position you can have a great game and not necessarily score a lot of points, and he’ll be the first to say it. “It’s always the whole package,” he says. “Some fans look at a point guard and say he had 26 points, seven assists, and eight rebounds, and they’ll say he had a great game. But there is a lot of talent in the NBA, and eventually that talent catches up with you. The mental game is where it’s at. I would say the game is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical, for me at least. What separates great players from good ones is performing consistently. I can dominate the game in any number of ways, not just with the numbers.”

People can judge point guards by assessing passing, scoring, defense, and a slew of other things, but Rondo takes it a little further. “My definition of what a good point guard is might be different from what some others might think,” he says. “I’ll give you an example: If [head coach] Doc Rivers gets thrown out, I can run the team for the rest of the game. I know what plays to call, what sets to call, or when to call time outs. It’s more than keeping track of the score. There is so much more going on that you take for granted on any given night, and there are only so many guys who can run a team when you don’t have a coach. In that category I think I am the best at what I do.” Rondo has the rare ability to see the big picture while still focusing on the details of his own game.

Read the whole thing.  This is valuable information, people.  The Celtics matter, and I say that without any of the bias that would accrue to a New England native who grew up in the halcyon days that were the Bird era.

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3 responses to “Things You Should Agree With: Rondo Is the NBA’s Best Point Guard

  1. Matt Svoboda

    No way is he the best… Does he have the potential to be the best? Yes. He is too inconsistent to be called the best.

    You are right, he has the ability to totally take over a game without scoring… when he does this consistently he will be the best.

  2. 1. He plays for the Boston Celtics.
    2. The Boston Celtics are evil.
    3. Therefore, Rondo cannot be the best point guard!

    Unassailable objective logic.

  3. Andrew Winters

    Rondo is great but there are so many great point guards. IMHO Chris Paul is the best. Derrick Rose is close when he’s healthy.

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