Trailer from the New Lincoln Movie

This looks quite interesting.  Early reviews are strong.  Daniel Day-Lewis’s “Lincoln voice” took me aback (though I love his skill).  I can’t make up my mind if he is so “in the skin” of Lincoln that I’m stunned by the full transformation or if he’s acting so much like an actor trying to be an auteur-actor that I can’t help but notice his very acting-oriented acting.

A thoroughly underappreciated Day-Lewis movie, by the way, is The Boxer.  Sparse, poetic, raw, pained, hopeful.  I don’t love boxing as a sport, but perhaps because of the raw manhood on display in such movies, directors and actors seem to allow themselves to explore the complexity of life in boxing films.  But I digress.

Hey, while we’re off and rolling, two months to The Hobbit, everybody.  I watch this trailer multiple times each week just for the mournful song sung by Sorin Oakenshield.

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  1. Greg

    Owen, love your blog, and thought you’d have had hundreds point this out by now, but it’s “Thorin Oakenshield” vice “Sorin.” Peace.

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