Christianity Today Follows Up on “Second Coming Christ” Controversy

A couple of weeks ago I blogged on controversy surrounding a man named David Jang, who some claim is the leader of a group that believes he is the “Second Coming Christ.”  This was reported by Christianity Today.

CT has since followed up its original coverage with an article citing former followers of Jang who attest to confessing him as the “Second Coming Christ.”  Here’s a snatch from the piece by Ted Olsen (a journalist for whom I have tremendous respect) and Ken Smith:

As Christianity Today reported in August, several former members of Jang’s organizations similarly described encouragements to believe that Jang is the Second Coming Christ. But most spoke on condition of anonymity. Now, in exclusive in-depth interviews with Christianity Today, the Chuas are among the first to speak out on the record about their experience in Jang’s group, the theology behind their belief that he was the Second Coming Christ, and why they left.

Employees of Jang-founded Olivet University counter that the community has no secret teachings that Jang is Christ or the Second Coming. Meanwhile, a National Association of Evangelicals committee is meeting again today in its ongoing inquiry into whether Olivet is theologically compatible with the Southern Baptist Convention’s LifeWay Christian Resources.

Read the whole piece (here’s a counter-perspective from the Christian Post).  One can only hope that a group like LifeWay, entrusted with so much, will show great care in this matter.  There is much in the CT piece to consider carefully, and there is documentary evidence presented that seems to substantiate the concerns many have regarding Olivet University.

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2 responses to “Christianity Today Follows Up on “Second Coming Christ” Controversy

  1. I’m a little confused by the connection of a NAE committee determining something in regard to LifeWay. Am I missing something?

  2. owenstrachan

    My sense is that the SBC is striving for maximum objectivity. That would be my guess.

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