Rediscovering Adoniram Judson–and Zeal for the Gospel

Here’s a biography that’s just come out that is well worth your time, with the info appended from the Lifeway “New Academic” weekly email (good way to stay up on new books):

Adoniram Judson: A Bicentennial Appreciation of the Pioneer American Missionary, edited by Jason G. Duesing (B&H Academic. 9781433677656. Paperback. $24.99)

On February 19, 1812, Adoniram Judson, his wife Ann, and a few others set sail for the Far East from their American homeland. The launching of these missionaries by a newly formed outreach society
marked the beginning of Americans formally joining the modem missions movement.

With the advent of 2012 comes recognition of the bicentennial of Judson’s departure and official start of the American missionary enterprise. This volume seeks to honor the life and mission of Judson while retelling his story for a new generation. With the occasion of the 200-year anniversary of Judson’s departure as a fitting context for such a presentation, the his- torians, theologians, and missiologists writing here under the guidance of editor Jason G. Duesing have endeavored not only to serve as Judson’s biographers of past events, but also as his interpreters of what they hope will take place in the present and future.

Contributors to this needed volume on an extraordinary man include Paige Patterson, Michael A. G. Haykin, Robert Caldwell, Nathan A. Finn, Candi Finch, Keith E. Eitel, Gregory A. Wills, and Daniel L. Akin.  I hope that Jason Duesing’s good work on this project leads to renewed missionary zeal among younger evangelicals.  Church history is not for dry and dusty types–it’s for those who love the mission of the church, the gospel, and want faithful models by which to live and work for Christ.

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3 responses to “Rediscovering Adoniram Judson–and Zeal for the Gospel

  1. Do you have a link to subscribe to that weekly email?

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  3. All that I want to know is the percentage of all animals thought to be extinct from the Pleistocene to present day have been rediscovered. According to modern day statistics, one third of all animals thought to be extinct have been rediscovered, but I want to know the exact percentage.

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