Turn the Lights Back On–A Blog Reawakening

It’s been a while.  But it’s time to come back.  Turn the lights back on.

This blog has never been about my personal life, and it’s not going to be.  But in resuming blogging, I will say this: it has been a busy 2010-11 for me (I think in terms of school years as a college prof).  In the final year of my doctorate, I have had teaching, comprehensive exams, dissertation research, and dissertation writing on my plate.  I still have a bit to go.  It has been a big help to take some pressure off by cutting some things from my life in order to care well for my family.

I also took some time to think through the issue of social media self-promotion.  I’ve tried to avoid that in the past by not making this blog about me, but I became concerned about this issue some time ago.  I continue to think about it, but I can say very quickly that writing on a blog can be a good way of exercising leadership that, hopefully, glorifies the Lord and blesses his people.  I want to write more about this and plan to do so soon.

I can’t lie, though.  I’ve been itching to return for months now.  So here we go.  Starting Monday, I’ve got a bunch of good content for you.  In the tradition of my New England Puritan forebears, this is a blog reawakening.  This is exciting to approximately twelve of you.  But no worries.  The lights are back on, and that’s what matters.

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15 responses to “Turn the Lights Back On–A Blog Reawakening

  1. “Turn the lights back on.”

    I’m glad you’re breathing new life into your blogging bones.

    One might even say this is a “new light” digital awakening.

  2. Brian Ritchie

    It’s funny, as I had left your blog in my google reader just in case you started again. I removed it on Monday…it is back in today!

  3. Great to have you back, brother!

  4. I knew it was only a matter of time. Every time we hang out I see moments where your mind turns toward the blogosphere. The twinkle in the eye was there. Now I see the typing with the fingers is back. However, I hope in your return you’ve brought a typist along with you. I want to be able to ball with you again before we’re 35.

  5. Welcome back. I look forward to seeing your posts again.

  6. owenstrachan

    Thanks very much, all of you. Very kind of you to notice and write in. I’m committed to making this blog edifying and helpful. Hope it is, and appreciate you reading and interacting with me.

  7. I’m subscribing and looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned here. One request I have is to hear a little about what rap projects you have going on. I believe the last one I heard was something like Fuzzy Bunny or some similarly named children’s book. :)

    • owenstrachan

      Ah yes–the much-anticipated “Fuzzy Bunny” EP. Clive Davis loved that one, but unfortunately, like the Wu-Tang reunion album, it’s been shelved.

  8. Josh Manley

    Bring it back, Owen. Bring it back! Look forward to reading your pontifications.

  9. BC

    Looking forward to reading. BC

  10. Liz Lockwood

    For what it’s worth, I’m glad you’re back. Looking forward to stellar content.

  11. Hey bro, I’m excited that you will resume your blogging. Reading the blog was like a show that you discovered after it was canceled (eg. Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks) and realized that you would only get so far and there would be no more. Now I’m feeling more like the network realized that the show was actually good and brought it back.
    “…writing on a blog can be a good way of exercising leadership that, hopefully, glorifies the Lord and blesses his people. ” <<This is why I started my blog just a few weeks ago.

  12. Welcome back, Owen. And, great post to start off the week with JE and hell.

  13. owenstrachan

    Thank you to everyone who’s written in. I’m a bit stunned by the response. Thank you kindly for your encouragement, and for reading.

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