A Moving Essay by Joyce Carol Oates on Home

From Smithsonian magazine, and via The New Yorker, comes this elegant meditation on the concept of home from writer and Princeton University professor Joyce Carol Oates

We are, Oates says, inextricably bound to place:

Read the whole piece.  Really.  Writing of this quality is like a cup of perfectly smooth coffee, rich and rewarding.

For those not familiar with the author, she is a must-read, one who is a part of the cultural vocabulary.  Many of us who have moved from place to place in our modern travels will find good material to ponder here.  No matter how we may morph  in the course of our travels, we are still from a certain place and tethered, often happily, to a certain group of people whom the Lord has given to us as our own.

(Image: Landon Nordeman for Smithsonian)

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One response to “A Moving Essay by Joyce Carol Oates on Home

  1. Bob Kirk

    Thanks Owen, although I live in a west coast metro now, home for me is still a small town in rural Alberta, which lives now only in my memory as much from my childhood has been torn down, remodeled, redeveloped. But I have to admit to a growing sense of another home in the future, linked somehow to the home town I grew up in, where I first learned the concept of the eternal home.

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