The Link 12.11.09: Dockers on Manhood, Centered-Set Churches, and the New Scientocracy

1. A buddy of mine tipped me off to this crazy Docker’s “Man-ifesto”.  It’s actually really good.  Readers of this agitated little blog will recognize some familiar themes. Clearly, folks in the culture beyond our Christian circles are seeing a major lack of testosterone in our society, and many problems related to this.

Why you were surfing the Dockers website is another matter, Drew.  Regardless, good looking out.  Here’s the whole text.

2. Jonathan Leeman just wrote a “boring” post on centered-set churches and problems they might face.  Not boring, and very helpful.  I don’t care if you agree with 9Marks or not, when Jonathan writes something about the church, read it.

3. Salvo Magazine on the “Scientocracy” and how it sets the ground rules.  Very helpful for understanding the stuff you may have seen on this blog of late, namely the climate change material.

Good quotation: “In a Scientocracy, unless you’re a scientist, politician, journalist, or citizen who fully accedes to the consensus, then your opinion not only doesn’t matter, it might even be dangerous.”  Read the piece.

4. I blogged him last week, and yes, I will blog him again: Peter Bradley Adams.  His music is incredible.  You must check him out.  You must click.  Also, he just uploaded a live version of “Los Angeles”.  Louisville readers, he’s playing tonight at 9:30pm at a place called “Rudyard Kipling”. (Note: I do not assume that I agree with his worldview; however, he makes great music that thoughtfully tackles the realities of life.  That’s all.)

5. What causes early arthritis in knees? You should know this.  Not to be your mom or anything.

6. Here’s a terrific-looking church plant coming soon to Madison, Wisconsin: the Vine.  Zach Nielsen, a friend of this blog, will be one of three pastors.  We’re looking to get him to TEDS for a Friday morning basketball run.  Great church to pray for–Madison is a very dark place.

7. Also, check out Epic Church in San Francisco.  I first heard about it on Micah Fries’s very nice blog.  (Update: I have just become aware of the fact that the church will have a woman minister.  Sadly, this makes me unable to support this church as I thought I could.  I still hope it will be used to bring the gospel in San Francisco, but I believe the church to be in grave error on this point.)

–Have a great weekend, all.

(Image: smiteme)

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4 responses to “The Link 12.11.09: Dockers on Manhood, Centered-Set Churches, and the New Scientocracy

  1. Riley

    We need more notice for music venues here in the Ville. Keep up the good work! I would have gone.

  2. Thanks for linking to the “knee” article, if only for me to read the phrase, “that had been directly thwacked by the weight”.

  3. kc

    I love the manifesto. But there’s an irony about it, a performative contradiction. The “men” of yesteryear didn’t care much about the brand of their “khakis.” In fact, I am sure that neither my grandfather nor yours used the word “khakis” with any frequency–if at all. And they certainly didn’t think that their manhood had much to do with the brand of their “khakis. ”

    So this is funny.

  4. Nathan

    Real men smoke Marlboros.
    Real men drink beer.
    Real men drive trucks.

    The Dockers advert is just playing the macho card.

    Sorry, Macho Man does not equate to Biblical Man.

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