The Link 7.10.09: Calvin, Yoga, and Mars Hill

calvin1. Happy birthday, Jean Calvin.  Kevin DeYoung has some good words on this incredible man.

2. Charles Krauthammer suggests that President Obama’s latest foreign junket did not go as well as some might think.

3. The NYT covers efforts to create a list of registered yoga teachers.  This one can be filed under ironically hilarious.

4. The Mars Hill Church blog has been running a series of testimonies that profile the conversions of members.  Here’s a really good one. This is an incredibly encouraging series, and it shows the immense–incredible!–good that MHC is doing in Seattle.  Praise God for really encouraging news like this.  Praise God for a church that is so tenaciously evangelistic.

5. At 9Marks, a helpful review of a book many of us need to read.  The racial divide in the church is real.  May this generation work hard to heal it.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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2 responses to “The Link 7.10.09: Calvin, Yoga, and Mars Hill

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