Excellent Resource: Tyndale House’s 4Gospels.Com

petewilliamsTyndale House, located at Cambridge University in the U.K., has recently debuted a website entitled 4Gospels.com that is devoted to disseminating a biblically faithful conception of the four New Testament gospels.

Here’s the site self-description:

“Welcome to 4Gospels.com, a site run by scholars and postgraduate students based mainly in Cambridge, England, providing accessible information on the 4 Gospels in the New Testament as well as many other writings which are or have been called gospels.”

This excellent site, featuring the work of a wide array of distinguished evangelical scholars, seeks to be a feature destination of conversation related to the four gospels.  It is hoped that many bloggers will link to the site in order to push the site’s Google rating up, so that when people of all backgrounds conduct searches on the four gospels, this page will pop up at or near the top.

So, let me invite all bloggers to link to this excellent site, which features accessible resources from esteemed evangelical academics like Richard Bauckham, Simon Gathercole, and  Peter Williams.  This is an excellent resource, one that will do much to correct mistaken impressions of the biblical books that introduce us to the King of all things, Jesus Christ, about whom only the most faithful and reverent material will do.

(Photo: Peter Williams, Warden of Tyndale House)

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4 responses to “Excellent Resource: Tyndale House’s 4Gospels.Com

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  2. Thanks Owen- We had a surge in visitors and I was curious why. You have a great readership!

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