Where Writers Write: A BBC Photo Slideshow

My friend Jared Compton passed on word of this highly interesting photo collection, put together as an audio slideshow on the BBC News website (three minutes long):

“In a new exhibition, award winning photographer Eamonn McCabe, draws together a selection of works from his project illustrating the working environments of novelists, biographers and poets.

“I have always enjoyed photographing loners. When I was covering sport it was boxers in their gyms. Now I’m older, I enjoy photographing writers, poets and artists. The one thing they all have in common is that they work alone.”


I don’t know about you, but I love this sort of thing and wish that I could have gone to this show (it’s over, apparently–here’s hoping for a book!).  I love seeing where people work and what they surround themselves with.  Of course, with many young folks, I have “office daydreams” that flit through my mind, visions of my future workplace that generally involve massive picture windows and the Maine coastline (all certain to be fulfilled, I’m sure).

A great book on this subject is Where Men Hide by James Twitchell.  For the environment-curious, an absolute must-own.

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2 responses to “Where Writers Write: A BBC Photo Slideshow

  1. Mark Rogers

    Now I am even more convinced of my “need” for an office (or writer’s room).

  2. owenstrachan

    Indeed. It is the pathway to profundity.

    I may rent space in your home, especially if you get a picture window of some sort.

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