Live-Blogging the “Making Men Moral” Conference

union1From February 25-27, 2009, I have the privilege of blogging Union University’s “Making Men Moral” conference in honor of conservative public intellectual Robbie George.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to live-blog this event in Jackson, TN, which features such conservative and Christian all-stars as George, Hadley Arkes, Jean Belke Elshtain, Russ Moore, and Greg Thornbury.

Here’s the conference purpose:

“Times change, but the challenge of applying moral principles to contemporary politics remains. Join several prominent thinkers as we wrestle with how to promote a healthy moral ecology in an uncertain age.

This conference commemorates the 15th anniversary of Making Men Moral by Robert George.”

The conference is less than a month away; here’s where to register.  It’s $75 for what looks like the year’s preeminent conference on the subject of Christianity and the public square.  My posts will feature less dictation and more interaction, a format that I think will work well with a lineup of this horsepower.

Please do join us for the conference in late February; if you can’t, please come back to this blog in several weeks’ time for the live-blogging.  I’m really looking forward to it and am thankful for schools like Union that have the vision and resources necessary to put on such a stimulating and constructive conference.

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2 responses to “Live-Blogging the “Making Men Moral” Conference

  1. Tim Ellsworth

    Glad you’ll be joining us for the conference, Owen. We’re looking forward to a great event.

    Tim Ellsworth
    Director of News and Media Relations
    Union University

  2. Just wanted to echo Tim’s comment. Glad you will be there.

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