The Top Coffee Places in Louisville

On most blogs, Friday is a day for lighter fare. No such policy here at consumed. We tackle the tough topics, all week long.

With that stated, then, I bring you my list of the top coffee shops in Louisville.

1) Caffe Classico–Wow. What a Mocha. Hands down, the best mocha in the city. I say “mocha” because I don’t actually drink coffee. I drink the sweet drinks, sometimes called the “girly” drinks. Oh well. I play sports, so I guess my masculinity is proven. But anyway, the drinks here are sensational, even if this shop is more a blend of hangout and restaurant than the others on this list. Great for a cheap date.

2) Java–delectable drinks. The pricey Blended Irish Mocha (4something) should come with a dollar in the bottom of the cup. It doesn’t, but it does come with all kinds of rich chocolate. Scrumptious. The free Internet works well, and the ambiance is fun, though the chairs hurt your back after hours of reading that assigned systematic theology text.

3) Heine Brothers–on Bardstown Road, a nicely designed, open coffee shop with two nice couches. The music is a bit loud, and the drinks aren’t spectacular, but they are good.

4) Starbucks–I know this is ridiculous to have on the list, as it’s a chain, but I can’t resist ranking Starbucks below three local shops. I used to be a S-bucks aficionado, but then I got hip to the aforementioned Blended Irish Mocha. Since then, Starbucks’s drinks lack sweetness and punch. The fact that you have to pay for Internet access does not help. Though the abundant comfy chairs are nice.

That’s that. I never really go to Highland Coffee, though they do have chocolate whipped cream, which even as a proposition blows my mind. Louisville is in some ways a fun town, and it’s made fun in part by its really good eateries, coffee shops, and nice restaurants. I may miss the ocean, but whenever I leave Louisville, I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the mochas.

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5 responses to “The Top Coffee Places in Louisville

  1. blake white

    I must call you to repentance. A post about coffee and Louisville, and no mention of Sunergos? I think your game is slippin’.

  2. Fanny

    That’s because Owen is a monergist

  3. Tony Kummer

    No instant Maxwell House? I’ve taken a liking to lukewarm double strength in a chocolate milk base, rather than water.

  4. Adam Embry

    owen, i take serious umbrage with your list. you girly coffee drinker, you.


  5. Anonymous

    Yes, Owen… You must include Sunergos. And there’s a new AMAZING place callled Quill’s. It’s a bookstore/coffee shop and is a block from Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. They use Sunergos Coffee.

    LB O’Nan

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