Identifying Christian Groupies

One would think that in the Christian world, we wouldn’t have evangelical celebrities, because we’ll just cotton to Christ. It’s not so, however. This week, we’re going to looko at some distinguishing characteristics of Christian groupies. We’re going to ask questions like:

  • How can I know if I am a Christian groupie?
  • Why do Christians tend to become groupies?
  • What are the benefits and downsides to groupie-dom?

These are important questions, and they demand important answers. Check back here throughout the week and you’ll be able to tell if you are indeed a Christian groupie.

Let me say in closing that I am well acquainted with this netherworld, as I have been something of a hero-maker myself. There is certainly a place for having heroes in the faith. But we can also go overboard and cling too tightly to one person. There’s always a danger with heroes that we will forget that they are human like us. Without knowing it, we’ll begin to worship them a bit. It’s helpful to know, then, what are the signs of such behavior.

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2 responses to “Identifying Christian Groupies

  1. Dad

    Are you encourage your faithful fans to disban? I’m just beginning to feel like part of the group, recognizing a few of the other groupies!!

    But you did say there was an upside to this, so I’ll hold my breath and wait! Sort of – actually I’ll be away most of the week.

    Hum, first Thanksgiving as a married man!!


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